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Company Ltd “Science and Tehnologies” (founded in 1998) is a publishing house that issues  mainly scientific and technical journals. 

At present the following monthly journals are:

  • «Vse Materialy. Entsiklopedicheskiy Spravochnik (All the Materials. Encyclopaedic Reference Book). Editor–in–Chief Acad. RAS A.A. Berlin.
  • «Deformatsiya i Razrusheniye Materialov. (Deformation and Fracture of Materials). Editor–in–Chief D.Ph.-Math.Sc., prof. A.M. Glezer.
  • «Klei. Germetiki.Tekhnologii. (Adhesives. Sealants. Technologies). Editor–in–Chief Acad. RAS A.A. Berlin.
  • «Korroziya: Materialy, Zashchita (Corrosion: Materials, Protection). Editor–in–Chief Acad. RAS A.Yu. Tsivadze.
  • «Materialovedeniye (Materials Science). Editor–in–Chief Acad. PAS K.A. Solntsev.
  • «Proizvodstvo Prokata (Rolled Products Manufacturing). Editor–in–Chief D.T.Sc., prof. A.V. Dub.
  • «Remont, Vosstanovleniye, Modernizatsiya (Repair, Reconditioning, Modernization). Editor–in–Chief D.T.Sc., prof. N.I. Baurova.
  • «Telekommunikatsii (Telecommunications). Editor–in–Chief D.T.Sc., prof. V.S. Titov.
  • «Tekhnologiya Metallov (Technology of Metals). Editor–in–Chief D.T.Sc., prof. S.B. Maslenkov.
  • «Khimicheskaya Tekhnologiya (Chemical Engineering). Editor–in–Chief Acad. RAS A.I. Kholkin.
  • «Elektrika (Electrics). Editor–in–Chief D.T.Sc., prof. V.V. Sotnikov. (Journal issue will be terminated since 2016, January).
  • «Elektrometallurgiya (Electrical Metallurgy). Editor–in–Chief D.T.Sc., prof. V.A. Geykin.
  • «Entsiklopediya Inzhenera-Khimika (Encyclopaedia of Chemical Engineer). (Journal issue was terminated since 2015, July).
  • «Teplovyye Protsessy v Tekhnike (Thermal Processes in Engineering). Editor–in–Chief Corr. Memb. RAS O.M. Alifanov.

More detailed information you can receive on other pages of the site of “Science and Technologies”.

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