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For submission to the journals of the Company Ltd “Science and Technologies” (“Nauka I tekhnologii”), original before unpublished articles that conform with the profile and the subject area of the journal can be sent.    

1. An article must be accompanied with the following documents: the license agreement has been signed by all the article’s authors (see site htpp://, an organization letter recommending the article to publish, a certificate of expert's examination.   

2. The article must be signed by all the authors. The subject statement should be clear, logical, the article’s parts should be arranged in the following way:

a) an Universal Decimal classification (UDC) index;

b) the article’s title;

c) Initials and surnames of the authors, it is necessary to mark (*) the author who is authorized to work with the editorial office; in the bottom note his/her contact data, an academic degree, an academic rank of each of the authors, E-mail, a phone number should be given.

d) a place of employment of all the authors (country, postal code, city/town, organization’s full name);

e) an article summary (no more than 5–7 lines) with a list of keywords;   

f) an introduction with explanation of necessity and the work’s objective (no more than 1 page);

g) a main text that if necessary can be divided in sections and subsections (for example, experiment methodology + experimental results and discussion);     

h) a conclusion in that, if it is possible, practical application of the results should be specified;

i) a bibliography.

The materials of items b–e should be presented in English, too.

3. An article volume must not exceed 15 text pages and 6–8 figures. All the pages should be numbered.

4. An article manuscript should be submitted in duplicate copied on a laser printer on one side of a A4 format sheet.

5. A text should by typed in MS Word using the standard fonts Times New Roman (size 14) and Symbol, at one-and-a-half space. All side borders should be 25 mm.

6. To type formulae the built-in equation and formula editor Math Equation or the built-in formula processor Math should be used. Formulae in the text should be typed without additional spaces between text lines. Only those formulae should be numbered, which the references in the text take place to.

7. All used letter symbols and abbreviations should be transcribed. Dimensions of physical quantities should correspond to the international system SI.

8. Bibliography items should include authors’ surnames and initials, full titles of published works. For books, a publishing site, a publishing house, a publishing year and a page number should be specified. For articles, a title of a journal or a document of collected articles, an issue year, a volume, a number, numbers of the first and the last pages should be specified.

9. Legends for figures should be given on an individual page that should be included in the overall page numbering of the article text.      

10. Graphical material should be submitted in the form of originals, only as a black-and-white image. It should be clear and should not need to be redrawn.

11. Each of the figures should be printed on an individual page, at the foot of the page its serial number, the author and the article title should be specified.  

12. Tables should have headings, each of the tables should be attached after the article on an individual  page.  

13. To the article it is necessary to attach a CD with files of the article text, the tables, the figure legends and figures (images in formats jpeg or tiff with resolution no less than 300 dpi), the summary with the article title, the surname(s), the name(s) and the patronymic(s) of the author(s) and keywords in Russian and English, the authors' data (full surname(s), name(s) and patronymic(s), an academic degree, an academic rank of each of the authors, a postal code and a contact phone together with a code of a city, a country, e-mail).

Fee for article publishing from authors including graduate students is not charged.

Articles should be addressed to the Editorial office (it is specified on the cover page of each journal) together with specifying the journal title.



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